Player of the month – Kyle Pedraza

Player of the month – Kyle Pedraza

Position: Flanker/Outside Center

  • Major: B.S. in Psychology
  • Hometown: Malvern, Pennsylvania
  • Year in School: Senior
  • Interests Outside of Rugby: Music/Concerts, Traveling
  • Favorite Musician/band: Favorite Musician – Jimi Hendrix, Favorite Band – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Favorite Rugby Team: USA Eagles
  • Man Crush: Mark Wahlberg

What has been your favorite memory with the club so far?

“I would have to say that my favorite rugby moment so far was last year playing in the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championships back in Philadelphia. I am from Philly, so it was nice playing back in my home city. A lot of my hometown buddies came to watch the games and there is no better feeling than running out of that tunnel onto the field with thousands of fans cheering you on.”


How did you discover rugby and why do you continue to play?

“I discovered rugby back during my junior year of high school. I started playing lacrosse at a really young age and my interest kind of burned out. I missed playing football, and one of my buddies at the time told me to come out and try to play rugby as there was a lot of physical contact and fast play style. From that first practice, it was a done deal and I knew I wanted to play in college.”


What are you most excited about for the upcoming season?

“I would say I am most excited for the Big Ten tournament, and the CRC’s. The team has a majority of the same players from last year, so I think our cohesion will only get stronger. I am also excited to get to know all of the new players as well as traveling to Argentina for our upcoming tour.”


Where do you see yourself after college?

“As far as my plans for after graduation, I am currently in the process of job interviewing. I am open to traveling for any job that captures my interest. I am looking to work for a couple years to gain knowledgeable experience, and depending on how things go I may look to apply to graduate school a couple years down the line. I hope that rugby will still be a large part of my life no matter where I end up. “